The most sustainable sandals on the market are going strong. What was born as a small family business has become a complete revolution. Its 100% BIO product with recycled models and which claims to be the most sustainable on the market, causes a trend due to its design and values. A safe bet for slow fashion that does not overlook, demonstrating it with multiple appearances in the media. Highlights the jump to the catwalk with the designer Pablo Erroz and the imminent campaign with ambassadors and influencers of the stature of @ curly.azahara @_esti_ and @ oh.mamiblue. Autenti is commitment to the environment, it is sustainable fashion, a healthy lifestyle and facing each day with the best attitude.

Autenti shoes MBFW

Autenti arrives at the MBFWMadrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalks by Pablo Erroz with an exclusive and unisex design that causes trends and occupies all eyes..

Autenti shoes Influencers

There is no better way to represent the Autenti Bloom collection than with people who feel, share and live its values, people committed to its essence and proud to wear Autenti.i.

Autenti shoes Media

The newspaper El Mundo publishes an article with the headline Autenti, the most sustainable Spanish sandal on the market. Taking a tour of the entire company demonstrating why Autenti is a successful design.o.