Every year 8 million tons of plastics end up in the sea, many of which sink to the seabed. If the situation is not reversed, by 2025 there could be one ton of plastic waste in the seas for every three tons of fish.


Penta Shoes is a sustainable company that seeks to continue working on its production of quality and sustainable footwear, adapting to changes in the planet.


Thanks to our License with SEAQUAL, a company that works in the production of recycled fabric from plastics collected from the sea, from Autenti Shoes we are qualified to be able to manufacture 100% recycled bio sandals.


After collecting the plastic bottles from the sea, they are treated through a process that converts the plastic fibers into polyester and thus transform them into different fabrics applicable to the production of footwear. And this is possible because SEAQUAL has the collaboration of the fishermen's associations.


At Autenti Shoes, we innovate by launching our first line of bio sandals made 100% from recycled material from bottles from the sea.


Being the pioneering footwear manufacturers that work with the SEAQUAL license.